Friday, September 5, 2008

Vestax and Serato join forces

ZJ, our head DJ instructor was chillin with dJ Deals owner Stavros last night and he told ZJ about Serato's next big move-Vestax and Serato to develop the VCI-300 and Serato ITCH? Were not sure how we feel about it yet but the project looks pretty cool. And for you CD turntable DJ's out there, get ready to invest in a major upgrade ;)

What it is: VCI-300
The VCI-300 has excellent compatibility with the new SERATO DJ software and comes with a built-in audio interface with standard 4in/4out and headphone connection, larger & lighter JOG wheels, JOG torque adjustment and other new features

What it do: ITCH
Serato ITCH is an integrated software and hardware solution for digital music selectors and DJs. Serato is working closely with select hardware partners to offer a level of integration, ease of use, and reliability never before seen in the digital DJ realm.

For more on these products and where to purchase CLICK HERE


DJ said...
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DJ said...

Vestax and Seroto has joined forces for good, it seems. I found a great review posted by Dj TechTools on the new VCI-300. You guys may find it interesting too! Checkout