Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Promotion from the Open House on Dec.8th!

By Brent Hallenbeck
This isn't old-school hip-hop. We're talking about a new school for hip-hop. The Lab, which bills itself as "Vermont's first and only urban music production and DJ center," is holding an open house this weekend at 19 Church St. The site above Tina's Home Designs will be open from noon to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The school's MC, Zack Johnson, a local DJ, concert promoter and booking agent with Lotus Entertainment, said The Lab has been open for about three months and has a "handful" of students. "I've had students come in who have never seen turntables before," he said, while others are experienced turntablists looking to hone their skills. Students can learn about DJing techniques, including mixing, scratching and beat-juggling. Johnson, also known as DJ ZJ, said he learned a little in his youth about DJing from books, videos and CDs, but it's easier to learn how to be faster and better when someone else is showing you "the art of DJing and using the turntable as more than just something to play records on." The Lab also offers instruction in music production, showing students how to make music by recording, editing and sampling. Though the school's emphasis is on hip-hop, Johnson said the music-production instruction isn't limited to hip-hop. For more information, call The Lab at 863-8500 or visit

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