Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Original sample to Jay Z's "Death of Auto Tune"

I found this post on Joe Blow the Sample King. One of my rotating blogs that I dig on.

Download Here ..... Enjoy!
- Boy Brown

De La Soul's 20th Anniversary Album Presented By NIKE

De La Soul has been in the game for a minute and clearly is still one of the top members of the hip hop community. Check out track 10 Produced by the infamous DJ Premier HERE
To Purchase the album go to itunes.com

Side note:
This is your boy Brown's first official blog post! Fisher where you at? ;)

Monthly Newsletter July

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Turbokrapfen has been getting a lot of hype this summer. He designs flyers for acts such as MSTRKRFT, The Bloody Beetroots, and many more. He has also worked with The Bloody Beetroots in designing their new headphones in collaboration with WeSC. check him out on myspace

Monday, June 29, 2009


What up, ch'all, its Kanga, The Sultan of Skratch coming to you with my first equipment review. What we have here is The QFO turntable/mixer hybrid. It employs a special tonearm that enables the user to play the turntable at a 45 degree angle which means you can strap the QFO around your shoulder and play the thing like a guitar! Now the Dj can mosey his way from back-stage to front and center! The brainchild of Q-bert is the greatest thing to happen to skratch Djs since fast cutting faders and direct drive motors. Check Q ripping it up here. There is a catch, however... The QFO is seemingly unavailable everywhere! Even if you check the vestax website it is listed under their "archive" section. Good luck finding one all you skratchers who are interested. Once I get mine you best believe I'll be the first performer on Church Street to be cuttin' up wax! Ya betta asx somebody!


MJ Remixed.

The Hood Internet is a couple of DJs who enjoy doing cross-genre mixes. In response to Michael Jackson's death, they decided to throw him on some Ratatat. You can check out their song, "Billie 'Wildcat' Jean" here. And if you guys dig that, check out their website here. They have a bunch of nifty mixtapes and singles on their blog, all available for free download.


Kanga's First Post!

Yo, yo, yo out there in inter-web land! This is Kanga, The Consultant of Cuts making his debut appearance on The Lab blog. I've been teaching Djing with ZJ now for over a year and I'm stoked to finally be contributing to the plethora of information on here. To get things started, check out the vid I posted of myself cuttin' it up. Be on the look out for scratch tutorials and equipment reviews from yours truly. Keep it breezy, ya'll, beep ahhh fresh.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Koushik - Tell Me What You See (2009)

For those of you who dont Koushik, hes produces music for the independent Hip Hop label Stones Throw and currently resides right here in Burlington, Vermont. He reached out the Lab a while back and has been sharing great music with us ever since. Download his latest effort Tell Me What You See HERE

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Loss of an Icon

Repost from www.presmusic.com

Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson (1958-2009)

As I'm sure you all well know, Michael Jackson passed away yesterday. While you may not be able to hear it in all of my music, he is a huge influence in what I put into the whole music making process. As a lot of you know, I made Iller Thriller, but that's not really what I meant by being an influence. When I make original music I am usually listening to Michael Jackson, both new and old songs, in order to get in the correct mindset. I found a map of all of the people who sampled Mr. Jackson on flickr and it really shows how much of an influence he was on the music community as a whole.

Michael Jackson sample map

Saturday June 27th update:

I found that the same guy, Ethan Hein, had to split up two sample maps because if he combined the work he did with the Jackson Five, the sample map would have just been out of control. A further testament to the fact that this man was a legend. Here's the Jackson 5 sample map.


Regardless of the controversy surrounding him in his later years, he's without a doubt an outstanding cultural and musical icon, and he will be deeply missed by everyone.

Here's a reissue of Iller Thriller without the "buy my shirts" line. Play it at parties, and celebrate his life. Rest in peace Mike.

Iller Thriller Album Art



BOB RIFO AND TOMMY TEA KILLING IT @ THIS IS HARDCORE. Pretty solid footage, and great show, although the mc is a bit whacked...lol

WESC x The Bloody Beetroots

My favorite Electro noise dj's at the moment The Bloody Beetroots
collab'd with super label WESC for the bagpipe DJ headphones, i just purchased my pair and let me say....THEIR SICK more info below...peace PURCHASE HERE

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Felix Zenger is a truly interesting and inspirational person. The european teen is not only a beat-box prodigy, he can also kill a "foot-bag" like no other. Felix beat-boxes for a band playing the role of their drummer. Subscribe to Felix Zenger and watch the magic happen!

Electro Superstars MSTRKRFT on David Letterman!

Just in case you were sleeping last night (it's ok-my bed time is 10pm) and did not get a chance to watch David Letterman, I have a special treat for you all. MSTRKRFT (pronounced master-craft)! One of my top favorite live electronic club banging rockers did a live performance with R&B Superstar John Legend last night. Namaste! -Yogi George-

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

July 4th Summer Block Party

More information coming soon....ZJ

New Blogger

W.P here, new guest blogger here @ THE LAB. I'll be showing you all music from Europe mostly, as well as Canada. You can look for label posts such as Ed Banger Records, Turbo Recordings, and many more. click here for Ed Banger
click here for Turbo


click here
New Video Game called Audiosurf. Matches your favorite tunes beats to the surfer. SICK!!!
-posted by W.P

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Throwback Tuesday Mixtape....

...Another throwback mix of mine from probably about 5 years ago....done with all vinyl and an old school 4 track machine that i used to freak!
things are crazy different nowadays as far as recording goes...got to give it up to the analog days of recording!!
hit me with a comment and let me know what u think....adog321@aol.com

DJ A_dog presents:DECONSTRUCTING (hip hop culture) 1 of my many takes on keeping it underground in a sense....cover created by yours truly,cut & paste bizness....!
be easy!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Download music and make mixes for free

Whats up, I found this new website called jamglue.com. The site lets you download music and make mixes. Get a free account and then you can do whatever. They got contests you can enter for who makes the best mix, or you can get that new song everyones talking about. Heres the link. 
- Doubleshot

Mos Def - The Ecstatic Tee

Dope Wale Mixtape

Yo, I'm one of the interns up here at The Lab. I'm interning for the summer with three other gangstas, and I heard this new dope mixtape. Wale and 9th wonder rip it up on the mixtape.  Dont miss out. Check out the track list and get the download link here.
- Doubleshot

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tonight at Manhattan Pizza

Hey it's Pres again. Just letting everyone know that even interns can get up to get down. I've got a show tonight at Manhattan Pizza, and it's free. So basically, if you don't come I'll consider it a personal insult and label you as a hater. No one wants to be a hater so put down the haterade and stroll on down to Manhattan's for some ill jams and some real decent pizza. Bring socks in order to get them rocked off.

Peacey weace


Friday, June 19, 2009

Support Good Interns

Yoyoyo, it's Pres. I'm interning at the lab for the summer along with three other hustlers. Anyway, the handsome bunch of people above you is not only eye candy, but ear candy as well. Click the picture above to download the mixtape that BFish and I made this past February. I hope y'all dig it. It's just like thriller, only iller. E.T. really doesn't have much to do with the mixtape, but his loving embrace with Michael was too good to pass up for the album art.

Peace twice!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Support Good DJ's

Rob Swift just sent me this via email and for those of you who missed his appearance on Sesame Street check it out HERE

Vocoder/Synth on IPHONE

Transform your voice on the go! Now with the new Vocoder Application you can synthesize your voice when ever you want.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Shad- The Old Prince Still Lives At Home

Hey everyone, I'm BFish, one of the interns here at the lab. This is my first post on The Lab blog, so I thought I'd hit you all with a dope video. Check it out and enjoy.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vinyl Sales Continue To Increase In 2009

"As a majority of music fans continue to adapt to the new trend of purchasing music digitally, sales of vinyl surprisingly continue to rise. According to Soundscan, U.S. vinyl sales have increased by 50% so far in 2009" MORE

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's All The Hype About...mmm-A Rant on Hypem.com

Hello Friends! This is Yogi George's first post on The Lab's Blog. This week I have a special treat for all you music enthusiasts. Hypem.com is a true gem when it comes to diamonds in the ruff on the world wide web. Hypem works to consolidate 99.9% of the web's music blogs to one central location where you can listen to and then download most any new hot track. Check it out here and learn how you can now stay on top of the freshest and stankiest jams out there. Namaste -George-

Monday, June 8, 2009

Upcoming Producers "Jo A"

Upcoming producer from France with his own sound!!!
check him out producing a beat!!Link to his beat!!

TIME: Why Deejay Schools Are Thriving in a Recession

"After she lost her hedge fund job in December, Gandy, a Harvard undergrad who also has an MBA from Georgetown, made a list of the things she's always wanted to do, if a lifetime of work and achievement and climbing up the corporate ladder don't get in the way. Near the top of the list: learn to rock a party with a turntable" MORE

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Worlds First Dj Battle?

Yeah not really.....ZJ

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Go Go Gadget: MPC 2000 XL & SP1200 FLASH USB DRIVES

N Cuz put me onto this. Im waiting for the turntable version GET IT

Monthly Newsletter June (repost)

Sorry for the typos on the last newsletter. Props to George on the fix!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

DJ Shadow Talks About DJ Hero @ E3

I posted something about this a couple of days ago. DJ SHADOW talks about his invovlement in the project. Word. Props to 2dopeboyz.com

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Summer and Exclusive Fifty-Nine!

Today was Hunt Middle Schools last day of the Lab After School program. Two of our top students Sandi Pasagic and Patricia B-Johnson, were nice enough to share a couple of their instrumental pieces. CLICK HERE to download both tracks. Enjoy and Happy Summer!

DJ Of The Month: Rob Swift

Ive seen this dude live at least five times and is still always a mind bottling experience (you know? when your thoughts are trapped in a bottle) DONT SLEEP

Monday, June 1, 2009

Producer Of The Month: Will I Am

The multi talented singing, rapping, keyboard, bass, drums and piano performing artist has been in the game for a long time.
Will I Am has worked with several RnB and rap artists along with his own solo projects and of course, with the Black Eyed Peas. Currently, the group is getting ready to release their next album,...The End Which is scheduled for release on June 6th. Ive been a Black Eyed Peas fan since day one, buy the album when it comes out!

A-Dog's Weekly Mixtape Post

Whats goody Lab heads...as my intro into the Lab faculty i will post up a mixtape weekly for y'all 2 download...it may be 1 of mine or just a mixtape that i'm feeling for u to reference as we move thru the summer.
First of all is a mixtape of 90's hip hop (my favorite era)...i guess this is called the golden era of hip hop,not so many tricks or cuts on this mix. just blending favorites of mine to create a nice musical journey.
so scoop this joint 2 YEARS AGO and let me know what u think.
the cover name references Run Dmc...if u know what song it is hit me up in the comments and i got something for u! big up to fattie b for the cover,this is actually a photo of me djing that he took and made a painting of that i used for the cover.