Monday, June 29, 2009


What up, ch'all, its Kanga, The Sultan of Skratch coming to you with my first equipment review. What we have here is The QFO turntable/mixer hybrid. It employs a special tonearm that enables the user to play the turntable at a 45 degree angle which means you can strap the QFO around your shoulder and play the thing like a guitar! Now the Dj can mosey his way from back-stage to front and center! The brainchild of Q-bert is the greatest thing to happen to skratch Djs since fast cutting faders and direct drive motors. Check Q ripping it up here. There is a catch, however... The QFO is seemingly unavailable everywhere! Even if you check the vestax website it is listed under their "archive" section. Good luck finding one all you skratchers who are interested. Once I get mine you best believe I'll be the first performer on Church Street to be cuttin' up wax! Ya betta asx somebody!


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