Monday, June 1, 2009

A-Dog's Weekly Mixtape Post

Whats goody Lab my intro into the Lab faculty i will post up a mixtape weekly for y'all 2 may be 1 of mine or just a mixtape that i'm feeling for u to reference as we move thru the summer.
First of all is a mixtape of 90's hip hop (my favorite era)...i guess this is called the golden era of hip hop,not so many tricks or cuts on this mix. just blending favorites of mine to create a nice musical journey.
so scoop this joint 2 YEARS AGO and let me know what u think.
the cover name references Run Dmc...if u know what song it is hit me up in the comments and i got something for u! big up to fattie b for the cover,this is actually a photo of me djing that he took and made a painting of that i used for the cover.

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worrd up!