Thursday, January 24, 2008


is a live presentation with a world famous DJ/Producer. The goal of this project is to educate people about the still highly misunderstood art form of turntablism and urban music production. The showcase will introduce the audience to the artist and give them a behind the scenes look into the world of hip-hop music. There will be a MC to facilitate and structure the conversation. This is a chance for the community to not only see a world famous artist perform but also provide a unique opportunity to engage in a positive experience with the hip hop culture. The forum will last one hour and include a question and answer segment, allowing the audience to participate directly in the presentation.

What makes the project unique? This forum, unlike any other musical performances, is also, an alternative and experimental educational experience for the community, specifically youth. This project aims to bring together a multi-generational crowd of music lovers, producers, turntablists and anyone interested in the hip-hop culture. The presentation will provide insight into how an individual artist has taken a skill and developed it into a life long career, highlighting the artists’ role in the development of urban music.

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