Thursday, June 12, 2008

Serato Video SL

The Video-SL software plug-in adds the ability to playback, mix and manipulate video files through Serato using the Rane TTM57-SL mixer.
Manage video clips as you would with audio files through the Serato library browser and load them onto virtual decks to control with your Serato vinyl or CDs to add a whole new dimension to your performance. With the controls on the TTM57-SL, you can mix clips with a variety of transitions, add effects to video clips and more. The mixed output can be sent to your computer's secondary display for connection to external monitors and/or projectors. The Video-SL package comes with everything you need to get started mixing video including the installation CD, bonus videos and loops, quick start guide and manual, and handy mixer overlays that label the knobs, switches and faders on the TTM57-SL with their video functions. Works on both PC and Mac. Requires the TTM-57SL mixer for use. -TTL

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