Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Useful Tips on EQ’ing your Music (and the DJ's Corner Blog)

"Making remixes, mashups, or original music has gotten significantly easier in the last several years, but there’s still a lot of important factors one needs to know about that are crucial to making something that actually sounds good. The first of which is learning how to properly EQ, a skill that gets passed over surprisingly much. The reason I bring it up is because I found a nice graphical guide to how frequency works, and how you can tweak certain frequencies to boost or eliminate specific sounds" Check out the Guide To Frequency Here. -DJ's Corner

The Lab
On another note, we have to say were really excited about a new blog we discovered. Or actually, more like it discovered us haha. Mike Gray hit us up via email earlier today and asked if we would link his blog. After checking it out for only 30 seconds we were sold. Posts from an exclusive interview with DJ A Trak to tips like what we just posted above and information on new music production gear. Thanks Mike! LINK


Anonymous said...

DOPE -- thank you for sharing that, that's been an immediately useful resource. I dig what you folks are doing, makes me miss Vermont.

We are all students of Hiphop said...

thanks were diggin your stuff too! cheers
Lab Staff