Friday, August 7, 2009

Jay Electronica - Dear Moleskine

What's good everyone? On Wednesday I managed to get out to the Mos Def concert at Higher Ground. The opening band Rough Francis was FRESH, with a throwback 70's punk rock feel to it, which was very cool. And while Mos Def's set was really interesting (lots of percussion and Michael Jackson tributes) the part of the show that stood out to me the most was the set by Jay Electronica. It was really impressive. He did a lot of talking to the audience, which gave it a much more personal feel. It wasn't just a hip hop set, it was a performance. He also dropped some lyrics over J Dilla's Gobstopper beat, which was fire. He has a very unique sound, and really great production. Not to mention I got to meet him over at the bar, genuinely nice guy. Above is a part of his new music video that is coming out, the back beat and the cinematography are fresh. P.S., get it Hi-Def for best results.



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