Sunday, January 17, 2010

Serato x Ableton Bridge

I've been waiting to post this for so long, and I'm so pumped on this innovation. Serato and Ableton announced their creative partnership in October 2008, and this January they finally announced the Ableton and Serato Bridge. It allows Serato DJs to get into production more comfortably, and it allows Ableton users to get into DJing easier. You can integrate an Ableton live project set into the Serato window, in addition to recording your Serato mix into an .als file (the file extension for Ableton Live projects) that you can open in Live and manipulate what you recorded from Serato.

The best news about this whole thing is that if you already have the newest versions of Ableton and Serato Scratch Live, the bridge is completely free. I'm so pumped on this because using Ableton Live and Serato has been a key part of my DJ sets, and it allows for a ton of creative exploration in your DJing. It has only just been announced, and it's not out yet, but it's coming soon. Expect future blog posts as new information is released.

Here's some more information about The Bridge from Serato's website: LINK


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