Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Producer: Calvin Elmore (Capital C)

My name is Calvin Elmore (Capital C), and I first got into music production when my mom got a mac and it had Garageband on it.  I would just mess around with friends and record my guitar and what not. I later found out about The Lab and began to attend music production classes with owner Derrick Brown. I went through some courses in Garageband which gave me an understanding of the basics of music production. I later moved into the advanced music production program using Propellerheads Recycle/Reason at The Lab and progressed in my sampling skills.

I always had a passion for electronic music. Some of my biggest influences were sts9 and pretty lights, so I switched over to Ableton Live to see what it was all about. I began taking classes with Miles Ewell for a bit in Ableton Live and really liked what it had to offer. After, I experimented with Ableton Live I decided to come back to The Lab and take classes with Chad Bechard who taught me live djing techniques and production skills as well.The Lab has given me many skills in music production which has provided a strong foundation for me to run with!  I have now started to do some live sets in various places and am hoping to progress and build up a new set of all originals. I will also have a new EP releasing soon and here is a little preview of it.

I Make It ILL by The Lab Music School

Mystery by The Lab Music School

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