Friday, July 11, 2008

the Puppet Mastaz

"Puppetmastaz are the only toy-band in the world. They come from Berlin, and do everything like humans, from producing to ripping the phatest beats.
After their early success and heavy rotation on MTV in 2000, their debut album "Creature Funk“ (New Noise/EMI, 2003) puts the puppet-crew on the international stage. "Creature Shock Radio“ (Louisville Records, 2005), an album Eminem, 50 Cent and the Muppetshow would have gladly spawned, confirms their rapstar status.
Since 2004, Puppetmastaz have put on more than 180 shows (incl. Roskilde and Sonar) and delighted more than 150,000 people around Europe. The fantastic live energy of the shows demonstrates if need be, that the Puppetmastaz are no muppets! They know their stuff and rap like no other.
Puppetmastaz are Mr. Maloke (founder of the crew), Panic the Pig, Snuggles, Wizard, Pit, Lisa, Frogga, Groucho, Richelieux, Ducci Procetti, Dino and Ricardo Prosetti, Bloke, Dogga Dacoda, Hammerhead, Dojo, Ryno, Buddah, Flix and Croucholina" (thanks Christine) LINK

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