Monday, March 8, 2010

Got Vinyl?

If any DJ were to put Burlington, Vermont on the map-it would have to go to DJ A DOG. And perhaps maybe his massive record collection too. In this digital age, more and more vinyl 'true school' DJ's are converting those old dusty records to wav and mp3's. I remember growing up in the vinyl age (9 years ago) and racing to our local record store to get the new gems. But of course when I show up, the staff would tell me 'oh A Dog was just here, better luck next time' He managed to snatch up most of the goodies. Buying vinyl wasnt like buying a cd where you would always have ten copies of each, no vinyl if you were lucky you would only get two copies of each. But of course, beat juggling DJ's would always want two copies. According to A Dog's blog, his record collection will be on sale at Burlington Records by the end of the week. I'll be there ;)

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